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Born in 2013 in Reggio Emilia from the shared enthusiasm of three industry experts, Angelo, Filippo, and Giovanni, each with decades of experience in the field of metal roofing, Melathron Srl is established. An ambitious and innovative project inspired by classicism and ancient Greece, as suggested by its name, “Melathron” (μέλαθρον), which evokes concepts of covering, roof, home, and elevated place, symbolizing the aspiration to create enduring and high-quality solutions.

Mela dRain 540 represents a true revolution in the continuous roofing landscape and is an Italian and European patent. It’s not just a high-performance, safe, and versatile product, but also a testament to innovation, providing waterproofing even on long slopes and in the absence of incline. With over one and a half million square meters of installed profiles, Melathron Srl stands out as a reliable reference point both nationally and internationally.

Mela Ace 558, the company’s second patent, introduces a profile with hidden fastening ideal for industrial or residential roofing systems designed for photovoltaics. In a blend of elegance and practicality, this profile provides a winning solution with its absence of fastening holes, ease of installation, and quick assembly.

Melathron® goes beyond manufacturing metal roofing. The company also offers comprehensive solutions, including adjustable telescopic pedestals for creating slopes, omega and zeta galvanized profiles, fall protection systems, and all the accessories necessary for the installation of photovoltaic systems, snow guards, and more.

Explore the Melathron® world on this website, a dynamic and ever-evolving showcase of our roofing systems and products. In addition to detailed product information, you will discover the passion, dedication, and constant pursuit of innovative solutions that drive our team.

We are pleased to welcome you to a universe of excellence and innovation, where tradition and quality merge with a constant commitment to provide the best solutions. Angelo, Filippo, and Giovanni invite you to discover the distinctive value of our products and services, hoping to share with you our innovative vision in the field of continuous roofing.

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Mela dRain 540 and Mela Ace 558