mela drain 540

Mela dRain 540


Mela dRain 540 is designed and manufactured with the aim of ensuring waterproofing even on flat roofs thanks to:
• Lack of overhangs: the sheets have the same length as the entire slope.
• Anti-backflow grooves.
• Absence of holes. “Drainage joint (double overlying channel).

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The pleated longitudinal rib of the Mela_dRain 540 sheet provides rigidity to the metal sheet and allows for easy drainage of rainwater at low slopes.

Fast and

The Mela_dRain 540 system combines simplicity and quick installation. The dRain_Fix fixing bracket is placed on the overlap (male) and screwed onto the batten. The overlap sheet (female) snaps and locks with a simple step pressure. The dRain_Clip clip facilitates the fixing of perimeter finishes (metalwork).

Mela dRain 540 - Technical specifications

profiling and installation


The continuous metal roofing system Mela_dRain 540 produces sheets of a length equal to the entire slope length.
The on-site direct profiling allows the production of sheets with a length that is not transportable:

• on the ground: the profiling machine, housed in a container, is brought to the construction site for the production of roofing sheets.

• at height: the container, equipped with a chain system, is hoisted alongside the slope for aerial profiling. This avoids difficult, dangerous, and costly handling for the high-altitude pulling of long roofing sheets.


Installation is simple, intuitive and quick:

Positioning of the first Mela_dRain 540 sheet with the ‘female’ profile facing outward.

Positioning and fastening of the dRain_Fix fixing bracket (on wooden batten or metal support).

Overlapping and interlocking the next sheet with a step.

Scientific safety

The choice of the Mela dRain 540 roofing system represents durability of the roofing membrane, low maintenance, and performance certainty. The performance guarantee of the Melathron roof is supported by tests, certifications, and technical reports that certify its complete safety.


Flooding tests of the roofing have been conducted at accredited certification authorities.
The results show total impermeability of the continuous membrane and drainage of infiltrations through the double overlying drainage channel.

Resistance to upward forces

The wind force has been tested with tests conducted using airbags on the intrados. The dRain_Fix steel bracket with its exclusive multiple attachment ensures exceptional resistance to depression (18 kN). Mela_dRain 540 has no rivals in terms of resistance to the force exerted by the wind.

Resistance to downward forces

Solicited by point and distributed loads, the Mela_dRain 540 roofing system reacts with extraordinary results, thanks also to the exclusive fastening system that provides total support of the roofing membrane to the supporting battens and insulation.

Tests conducted on the sheet

Finishes for every need

Mela_dRain 540 is available in various metals, colors, and finishes according to the ever-changing needs of our customers.

Aluminum alloy 5754

Lightweight, durable, and corrosion-resistant. Aluminum is used in the H18/28 physical state, providing excellent mechanical strength, hail resistance, and exceptional walkability

Galvanized and pre-painted steel

Durable and available in a variety of colors, it represents versatility and an excellent value for money.


Elegant and durable. The noble metal par excellence. Oxidation will make the roof unique, with its hues marred by the stunning aesthetic appeal.

Stainless steel

Resistant and stainless. The ideal choice in areas where resistance to corrosive agents and unparalleled durability are required.

Zinc titanium

Choice with an elegant aesthetic finish. Due to the particular tenderness of the metal, installation on planks is recommended.

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