mela ace 558

Mela Ace 558

without drilling

Melathron® National Patent is the concealed fastening continuous metal roofing that combines the beauty of standing seam roofs with the versatility of traditional metal roofs. With snap-on seam and no exposed fasteners, it is waterproof on slopes as low as 4%, making it ideal for industrial roofs designed for photovoltaics and residential rooftops.

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The patented roofing solution featuring an aesthetically pleasing concealed-fix appearance.

technical characteristics

• Effective sheet width: 558 mm;
• Corrugation height: 45.8 mm;
“• Aluminum alloy 5754;
• Single-piece sheet equal to the length of the slope without overlaps;
• High load-carrying and walkability characteristics;
• Absence of holes for the installation of roofing accessories, such as brackets, snow guards, photovoltaic supports, etc., fixed directly on Ace_Block and Ace_Clip clamps;
• Head fold for folding into the eaves or ridge.

Mela Ace 558 - Technical specifications



The choice of the Mela_Ace 558 roofing system represents durability of the roofing membrane, low maintenance, and performance certainty.
The performance of the entire roofing system has been tested and certified by leading accredited certification authorities.

• Flood testing;
• Downward load resistance test (pressure);
• Upward load resistance test (depression);
• Walkability test;
• Upward load resistance and slipping test of clamps and fastening clips.


Flooding tests of the roofing have been conducted at accredited certification authorities. The results show total impermeability of the continuous membrane and drainage of infiltrations through the double overlying drainage channel.

Resistance to upward forces

The wind force has been tested with tests conducted using airbags on the intrados. “The Ace Fix steel bracket with its exclusive multiple attachment ensures exceptional resistance to depression (18 kN). Mela Ace 558 has no rivals in terms of resistance to wind forces.

Resistance to downward forces

Solicited by point loads distributed on the roofing system
Mela Ace 558 reacts with extraordinary results, thanks to the exclusive fastening system that provides total support of the roofing membrane to the supporting battens and insulation.

Tests conducted on the sheet

Finishes for every need

Mela_dRain 540 is available in various metals, colors, and finishes according to the ever-changing needs of our customers.

Aluminum alloy 5754

Lightweight, durable, and corrosion-resistant. Aluminum is used in the H18/28 physical state, providing excellent mechanical strength, hail resistance, and exceptional walkability

Galvanized and pre-painted steel

Durable and available in a variety of colors, it represents versatility and an excellent value for money.


Elegant and durable. The noble metal par excellence. Oxidation will make the roof unique, with its hues marred by the stunning aesthetic appeal.

Stainless steel

Resistant and stainless. The ideal choice in areas where resistance to corrosive agents and unparalleled durability are required.

Zinc titanium

Choice with an elegant aesthetic finish. Due to the particular tenderness of the metal, installation on planks is recommended.

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