dRain Fix

dRain Fix


dRain_Fix mounting bracket

For the installation of the MD roofing system, the coated stainless steel dRain_Fix bracket ensures the attachment of the new roofing membrane to the support structure, thanks to multiple interlocking hooks. The bracing allows the sheets to move freely due to thermal expansion. Incombustible, resistant, and durable.

The exclusive dRain_Fix mounting bracket is made of 1.5 mm thick coated stainless steel and has been designed and manufactured with the aim of ensuring:

  • Resistance to downward forces, thanks to the multiple fastenings.
  • The free movement of roofing sheets due to thermal expansion.
  • The PVC coating prevents galvanic corrosion and serves as a thermal break between the roofing and the slab.
  • Durability and resistance.
  • Fire resistant. The bracket is fireproof.
  • The support of the roofing membrane to the lathing and the underlying insulation. This allows the roofing to have total support across the entire surface and provides excellent walkability to the roof system.


The Mela dRain 540 system has been developed alongside a range of simple and effective accessories, perfectly compatible with the product and guaranteed at the same level as the roofing sheets.

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